Council of Economic and Development Affairs Launches 10 New Programs to Implement Vision 2030

The Council of Economic and Development Affairs announced the launch of 10 new programs to implement facets of the Vision 2030 reform agenda.

The 10 new programs will implement specialized programs in housing, improving lifestyle, serving pilgrims and other programs that support national leadership in industry and financial markets, strengthen national identity and bolster national culture, arts and entertainment, and will be operational as soon as its operational plans are completed during the third quarter of 2017. The announcement of these 10 new programs are in the mold of the National Transformation Program and the Fiscal Balance Program, which were announced in 2016

Vision 2030: An Agenda for Reform

In April 2016, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman unveiled Vision 2030, an ambitious program of reform for the Kingdom. Vision 2030 seeks to build on Saudi Arabia’s strengths as an investment powerhouse situated in the heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds, with strong geographic connections to Europe, Asia and Africa. The reforms are centered around three pillars creating a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation.

With respect to Vision 2030, the Deputy Crown Prince noted “Our Vision is a strong, thriving, and stable Saudi Arabia that provides opportunity for all. Our Vision is a tolerant country with Islam as its constitution and moderation as its method. We will welcome qualified individuals from all over the world and will respect those who have come to join our journey and our success.”

Vision 2030 outlines 24 specific goals for the Kingdom to achieve in economic, political and societal reform. Vision 2030 further articulates 18 commitments to achieve these goals – with specific initiatives in renewable energy, manufacturing, education, e-governance, entertainment and culture.

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