Crown Prince Visit to New York Promotes Business and Cultural Ties

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s tour included a comprehensive agenda in New York, the financial and cultural capital of the United States. Saudi Arabia has always recognized that when New York succeeds, so does the Saudi-U.S. relationship.
In America’s biggest city, the Crown Price sought to show Saudi Arabia’s transformation into a modern nation. He emphasized that the Kingdom’s economic reforms present an historic opportunity for U.S. investment, and for Saudi Arabia to invest in the U.S. financial sector. And he proved the point while in the city by striking a historic agreement to create the world’s largest and most ambitious solar power generation project.
Meeting top leaders in finance and business, the Crown Price said Saudi Arabia is open for business. He stressed the goal of attracting 21st century investments in the technology and tourism sectors, in which New York companies are leaders.
The Crown Prince also shared progress on Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 reforms with New York’s top political and civic leaders. The focus was the Kingdom’s recent social reforms, especially regarding women’s rights.