Deloitte and Saudi University Launch Training Partnership

The University of Business and Technology (UBT) in Saudi Arabia is teaming up with Deloitte, a professional services firm, to create an program aimed at training college students in the Kingdom to enhance their technical and professional skills.

“We value the UBT partnership as it is integral to Deloitte’s commitment and strategy to develop the professional skills of young Saudi men and women even before they go into the market,” said Mazen Al Omari, a partner at Deloitte Saudi Arabia.

The strategic collaboration integrates many moving parts, including educational and training events; Deloitte sponsorship of UBT’s accounting clubs to develop auditing and accounting skills; and awareness meetings and workshops.

“Our Saudi and expatriate employees also undergo extensive on-the-job training, classroom led and eLearning development programs in Saudi Arabia, in the region and across the world,” Al Omari added.

Vice Rector of Sari Campus of UBT also praised the partnership.

“We are pleased to have collaborated with Deloitte on this program as it will support our students’ personal and professional development and employability skills. We hope that this collaboration will encourage other private sector organizations to follow suit.”

An Education That Contributes To Economic Growth

The collaboration between Deloitte and UBT underscores a main facet of the Vision 2030 plan: educating its citizens in a way that contributes to meaningful economic growth in the Kingdom. In the long-run, it will also contribute to the goal that 75 percent of private sector employees are Saudi nationals.

Saudi Arabia is committed, through Vision 2030, to helping its students make careful career decisions, while simultaneously training them and facilitating their transition between different educational pathways. The plan also lays out intentions to work closely with the private sector to ensure higher education outcomes are in line with the requirements of the job market; the government will continue to invest in strategic partnerships with apprenticeship providers, new skills councils from industry, and large private companies.

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