Gen. Al-Turki Calls for International Center to Counter Terrorism

Azeri News Agency recently sat with General Mansour Sultan al-Turki, the security spokesperson for Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, to discuss the Kingdom’s long-term strategy to prevent radicalization by attacking the roots sustaining its source. His resounding call: the international community must band together in collectively working to combat an urgent–and menacing issue.

That’s why, al-Turki said, the Kingdom has pressed for the creation of an international center to combat violent extremism.

As al-Turki explained, the Kingdom has launched a proactive campaign to criminalize all activities related to terrorism and its finance. As part of these efforts, Saudi Arabia is raising public awareness of terrorism and increasing security forces’ capacity to protect the nation and work alongside intelligence forces to obstruct planned acts of terrorism. Indeed, the Kingdom’s guiding force lies in a attacking the the money, and the mindset behind violent extremism.

As part of these efforts, Saudi Arabia launched rehabilitation programs for convicted terrorists. These centers aim to prevent individuals from becoming re-radicalized while serving their sentence and following their release. The programs work to strengthen inmates’ ties with their families and communities to leave them with a sense of belonging and purpose far beyond those driven by terrorist ideologies.

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