NYC Exhibit Features Saudi Female Artist

Residents of–and visitors to– New York City are in for a (Saudi) treat.

On May 4, New York’s Institute of Arab and Islamic Art will open its doors to the highly-anticipated exhibit featuring works by Saudi female artist and Jeddah-native Dana Awartani. Her art, alongside those of fellow Middle Eastern artists, will capture the breadth of art and culture at the heart of the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Best known for her sand piece during a Saudi contemporary art festival, Awartani’s work will complement displays by Iranian nonagenarian artist Farmanfarmaian, as well as India-born Hashmi and the late Modern Indian artist Mohamedi.

The artists’ works traverse various styles, with Farmanfarmaian known for her intricate, geometric works contrasting with Hashmi’s work, which is more abstract and spare.

“With upbringings in Saudi Arabia, Iran, India and Pakistan, the artists in Exhibition 1 share the experience of living with Islamic architecture despite originating in vastly different places and environments and leading vastly different lives,” a statement from the institute said. “This exhibition explores these artists’ relationship to geometry within their respective vocabulary.”

Exhibition 1 is the first in the institute’s series of cultural exhibits to be held on a quarterly basis. The New York’s Institute of Arab and Islamic Art’s 2,700 square foot space was founded by Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Al-Thani, a Qatari national based in New York.

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