Japanese Symphony Opens its First Concert in Riyadh

The first Japanese full orchestra concert opened in Saudi Arabia on April 13, marking the Kingdom’s expansion of entertainment opportunities under the national Saudi Vision 2030 strategy. Minister of Culture and Information Adel Al-Toraifi inaugurated the concert, which was organized within the Saudi-Japan music exchange program under the auspices of the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information and the Embassy of Japan.

In attendance was Ambassador of Japan Norihiro Okuda and participants from diverse groups, with a large showing of youth underlining the importance of expanding cultural offerings to the Kingdom’s citizens.

A concert conducted by Hirofumi Yoshida was the centerpiece of the event. Yoshida led a group of 80 members in a stunning performance that saw soloist Fumiyuki Kato and violist Yumiko Hamasaki deliver a moving rendition of the Saudi national anthem.

Vision 2030: Entertainment to Boost Public Wellbeing

Vision 2030 recognizes the importance of culture and entertainment in promoting a quality lifestyle. In recognition of the limited availability of cultural opportunities at this time, the Government of Saudi Arabia has taken a firm and proactive stance to boost this sector. Saudi officials will work to support each region’s cultural organizations and private groups that invest in entertainment. Land that can be used to develop cultural and entertainment projects will be offered to domestic and international corporations working within this field. Writers, authors, and directors will receive support from the government to widen entertainment possibilities to suit a variety of tastes. By 2020, the Kingdom intends to register over 450 professional cultural organizations to organize entertainment events.

The nurturing of cultural offerings under Vision 2030 is both a social reform and economic stimulant for Saudi Arabia. Job opportunities will open for young Saudis interested in having a hand in the development of the cultural sector. With this expansion will come additional investment in culture on the local level, with household spending on cultural and entertainment activities set to increase from 2.9 percent to 6 percent.

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