Kingdom Announces Plan for Major Entertainment City

Saudi Arabia has announced a plan to build an entertainment city south of Riyadh, featuring sports, cultural and recreational facilities. The city will also include a safari and a Six Flags theme park.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is set to be the main investor in the project, which will begin in 2018 and open in 2022, according to Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“This city will become, by God’s will, a prominent cultural landmark and an important center for meeting the future generation’s recreational, cultural and social needs in the Kingdom,” Prince Mohammed said in a statement.

Other investors will also contribute to the project, but they have yet to be identified.

Six Flags, a U.S.-based enterprise, announced previously that it had begun talks with the Saudi government to build theme parks as part of the Vision 2030 efforts to expand its entertainment sector. Chief Executive of Six Flags said in late 2016 that the company aimed to build three parks in the Kingdom.

Entertainment City Major Development In Vision 2030 Goals

Promoting culture and entertainment was a main theme in Vision 2030. Saudi Arabia considers culture and entertainment indispensable to its quality of life – the government plans to support the efforts of regions, governorates, non-profit and private sectors to organize culture events. It also intends to enhance the role of government funds, while also attracting local and international investors, creating partnerships with international entertainment corporations.

The announcement of a major entertainment city demonstrates that Saudi Arabia is making considerable strides toward its goal, and the partnership with Six Flags signals its commitment to increasing foreign investment in the Kingdom. Along with ensuring that its citizens have fulfilling lives rich with opportunity, the projects will also contribute to the Saudi economy and result in the creation of ample job opportunities for its citizens.

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