Op-ed: Saudis Know That U.S. Power Can Bring Lasting Peace

From the crisis in Syria to the violence in Yemen, the Middle East today finds itself caught in a siege of deep political, economic and social unrest. A solution to the turmoil requires a concerted multilateral response. The value of the United States, therefore, has never been more important. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Amb. Abdullah Al-Suad, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S., addresses how U.S. power can change the dynamics of the Middle East, for the better.


Saudis Know That U.S. Power Can Bring Lasting Peace

Any apparent lack of resolve only encourages those who do not share America’s noble values.

By: Ambassador Abdullah Al-Saud

President Trump’s decision to order missile strikes in Syria earlier this month, along with his statement that the country’s future cannot include Bashar Assad, shows that the U.S. will not give the Assad regime and its allies a free hand. These moves instead have encouraged America’s allies, including my country, Saudi Arabia.

The U.S. has been working closely with us for a long time to combat terror groups and to deter Iran and Hezbollah, often in ways the public doesn’t see. Our support has been critical, but there are certain definitive actions that only the U.S. can take, certain voids that only the U.S. can fill.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stands by our American ally, as we invariably have. We appreciate the many sacrifices the American people have made in our part of the world, and we understand their fatigue with combat. But the region is still very dangerous. Any perception that the U.S. lacks the resolve to act when necessary only encourages those who do not share America’s noble values to step in.

Saudi Arabia is in the midst of a period of rapid modernization, and the quality of life of our people is our foremost concern. But that quality of life is at risk if we cannot make our region more secure. We will gladly bring our resources to bear on efforts to bring that about, but we have seen that it is only in working closely with the U.S. that our contribution can be truly effective.

We value our alliance with the U.S., and we believe that American power—and the demonstrated willingness to use it judiciously—can change the dynamics in the Middle East for the better. In the end, it is American power, reinforcing and complementing the work of America’s allies in the region, that will bring stability and lasting peace.

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