Saudi Arabia Ramps Up Cultural Tourism Investments

Cultural Tourism

Saudi Arabia will be one of the two countries leading the region in developing cultural tourism, implementing a series of projects that will ultimately develop a number of world-class attractions in the Kingdom.

A new report, published ahead of the Arabian Travel Market, indicates that Saudi Arabia’s commitment to boosting its cultural tourism sector is one of the highest in the region.

Simon Press, senior exhibition director for Arabian Travel Market, said “Cultural tourism sits perfectly alongside this year’s theme of experiential travel as travelers look to explore destinations and enjoy a more holistic holiday experience. What we see today in Saudi Arabia, and other GCC countries, is an open commitment to strengthen this sector and capitalize on the current global trend.”

A Vision for Boundless Cultural Tourism Opportunity

Saudi Arabia takes immense pride in the historical and cultural legacy of its Saudi, Arab and Islamic heritage. The Kingdom’s land is known for its ancient civilizations and trade routes at the crossroads of global trade – this heritage has given Saudi Arabia the cultural richness and diversity it is known for through present day. Through Vision 2030, the government will endeavor to strengthen, preserve and highlight national identity to guide the lives of future Saudi generations.

A number of projects and targets set out in Vision 2030 will lead Saudi Arabia to investments of up to $2 billion, one of the highest commitments of any government to developing cultural tourism in the region. The vision lays out plans to increase the number of public and private museums to 241, the number of UNESCO World Heritage sites to 10 and the number of archaeological sites suitable for exploration to 155.

Additionally, investments will also aim to increase archaeological heritage sites from 10 to 20 and the number of annual cultural activities to upwards of 400.

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