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Mukhlid Al-Otaibi To Run 5000m in 3rd Olympics

Long-distance runner Mukhlid Al-Otaibi of Saudi Arabia, a veteran of the Beijing and London Olympics, is headed to Rio for the 2016 Summer Games. In an interview with the Saudi Olympic Committee he asserted that his wish at the end of his career was the achievement to qualify for the Olympics for the third time in a row. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Otaibi finished 18th in the 5ooo meters. In the 2012 London Games, he finished 23rdth in the 5000 meters and 17th in the 10,000 meters. For his part, Otaibi expressed his delight and was excited to realize this achievement

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Saudi Arabia Responds to Inaccurate Story on Yemen

Media reports that import restrictions put in place in Yemen by the coalition to support the legitimate government have affected supplies in dialysis treatment centers in Yemen are not correct.  There are no restrictions on the entry of humanitarian assistance, including medical supplies and equipment into Yemen.  There is an inspection mechanism to ensure that no weapons are smuggled into Yemen but this mechanism does not impede the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Yemen. The coalition is the largest provider of humanitarian assistance to Yemen, including medical supplies and equipment.  Saudi Arabia alone has provided more than $500 million in humanitarian

saudi vision 2030

Vision 2030 Deepens Saudi-U.S. Business Ties

Saudi Vision 2030 has rejuvenated business, entrepreneurs and investors not just within the Kingdom, but opened opportunities to CEO’s across Europe, the Middle East and the United States to make the Kingdom’s economy thriving and ambitious. So it was fitting perhaps that Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s longest foreign trip since assuming his role in the Kingdom was to the United States where he met with key leaders in the fields of technology, transportation, tourism and banking. At the center of coordinating many of these meetings on both the East and West Coasts, was the U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council

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Foreign Minister Calls Daesh “Collection of Criminals, Psychopaths, Perverts.”

In an interview with Euronews, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir singled out the terrorists in Daesh, calling them “a collection of criminals, psychopaths, and perverts.” When asked by Euronews “What is Daesh to you? Is it Islamic? Is it a state?” The Foreign Minister replied as follows: “It is neither Islamic, nor is it a state. It is a collection of criminals, psychopaths, perverts. This has nothing to do with Islam. Daesh, to Islam, is like the KKK (Klu Klux Klan) in America to Christianity: Nothing to do with it.” Foreign Minister: Allegations of Saudi Funding of Daesh Extremism Are Preposterous Furthermore, the

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App Helps Pilgrims Navigate Grand Mosque

A new phone app is helping visitors to the Grand Mosque in Makkah explore religious sites easily and safely, providing information on services and checkpoints through user-friendly navigation. The Al-Maqsad app has gained a following of 30,000 users who use the program to plan their route through the roads of Makkah and facilities of the Grand Mosque. With over 1,500 sensors on mosque grounds, the app uses voice navigation and 3-D maps to direct users without relying on an Internet connection. As visitors walk through the Grand Mosque, sensors detect their location and send information directly to their mobile phones. “The

Abdullah Al-Saud

Saudi Ambassador to U.S. Welcomes Release of the 28 Pages

In an oped in the Huffington Post, Saudi Ambassador to the United States Abdullah Al-Saud welcomed the release of the 28 pages that had been redacted from the report of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. “The now-famous 28 pages … have been released, and their contents should put an end to suspicions that officials of the government of Saudi Arabia were involved or complicit in any way with the attack,” said Ambassador Abdullah. “My government had called for the release of these pages from the moment that they were redacted, back in

Saudi Arabia Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Iran

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir announced that Saudi Arabia is severing ties with Iran after the embassy attack in Tehran. During a press conference this evening in Riyadh, the foreign minister said that Iranian diplomats and staff have been given 48 hours to leave the Kingdom.

Minister Al-Jubeir said that Iran has a history of violating diplomatic missions in its country. “The continued attacks on diplomatic missions is a flagrant violation of all international treaties,” said the foreign minister.

The foreign minister vowed that Saudi Arabia will not allow Iran to sabotage the region’s security.

“We are determined not to allow Iran to undermine our security. We are determined not to let Iran mobilize or create or establish terrorist cells in our country or in the countries of our allies. We will push back against Iran’s attempts to do so,” said the foreign minister. “We want to make it very clear that there is no space in the community of nations for a country that condones terrorism, that supports terrorism and that engages in terrorism.”

Source: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia