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Saudi Arabia Trains 19,000 to Work in Mobile Telecommuications

The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) has announced that 19,084 young Saudi men and women are now ready to work in the field of mobile maintenance and sales. The announcement comes days before the first phase of the nationalization program for the telecommunication sector is set to begin in Ramadan. The decision reserves 50 percent of all work in mobile phone sales and maintenance to Saudis. This figure is to increase to 100 percent three months after the start of the first phase. Read more at Saudi Gazette.


Americans Who Lived in Saudi Arabia Share Their Stories

American expatriates, who lived in Saudi Arabia as employees of Aramco, share their stories about their experience in Saudi Arabia. These Americans share experiences of a Saudi Arabia that is friendly and modern, and invite others to experience Saudi Arabia for themselves.

Jeddah Stadt

Jeddah prepares for summer influx of tourists

At least 20 million tourists visit Saudi cities annually, both from outside and inside the country. While the locals coming to the Western Province constitute 59 percent, those coming from abroad are 55 percent, approximately. Jeddah locals told Arab News that visitors come from all over the Kingdom, and that the holiday season was a chance for different Saudis to get to know each other and understand different values and customs. Locals also said the holiday season is great for business, as business owners get to know new customers as well as new ideas from across the Kingdom. Jeddah’s wide variety of people makes

Saudi US discussion

U.S. Envoy Amos Hochstein Impressed by Saudi Commitment to Renewable Energy

Amos Hochstein, special envoy and coordinator for International Energy Affairs for the U.S. Department of State, expressed support for the renewable energy goals articulated by Saudi Vision 2030. Hochstein met with Saudi energy officials during a recent visit to Jeddah. “In my opinion, if the Saudi government creates the regulatory environment and investment climate for utilization of wind and solar energy, the private sector in Saudi Arabia and all over the world will rush to invest,” Hochstein said. Hochstein also prased the Saudi-U.S. bilateral relationship, especially in the energy sector. “We’ve always had very close relations with the Saudi government

General Electric SAIIC

$1.4 Billion in New Investment to Create 2,000 Saudi Jobs

General Electric announced a over $1.4 billion in investment in Saudi Arabia as part of the ambitions Saudi Vision 2030 plan. The Saudi Arabian Industrial Investments Co. will implement $1 billion worth of projects.  SAIIC was formed in 2014 by royal order to boost the country’s manufacturing industry. Another $400 million would go toward building a forging and casting manufacturing facility for the marine and energy industry in the kingdom, with hopes of it being operations by 2020 and providing over 2,000 jobs. GE Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt praised the investment. “Together, we will create quality jobs for Saudi youth, … boost exports, enhance

Ambassador Abdullah

Embassy Hosts Dinner for Participants in WSJ Middle Market Summit

The Commercial Office at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, in coordination with the US Chamber of Commerce, hosted a dinner on May 23 for 35 companies participating in The Wall Street Journal Middle Market Summit. Speakers included Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. Abdullah Al-Saud, Commercial Attaché Eng. Taha Alshareef and President and CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce Tom Donohue. Participants discussed bilateral trade and the increased contribution of the private sector in the Saudi economy as planned in Saudi Vision 2030. The Middle Market Summit was held in Washington, DC on May 24. More information about the

Saudi Arabia Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Iran

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir announced that Saudi Arabia is severing ties with Iran after the embassy attack in Tehran. During a press conference this evening in Riyadh, the foreign minister said that Iranian diplomats and staff have been given 48 hours to leave the Kingdom.

Minister Al-Jubeir said that Iran has a history of violating diplomatic missions in its country. “The continued attacks on diplomatic missions is a flagrant violation of all international treaties,” said the foreign minister.

The foreign minister vowed that Saudi Arabia will not allow Iran to sabotage the region’s security.

“We are determined not to allow Iran to undermine our security. We are determined not to let Iran mobilize or create or establish terrorist cells in our country or in the countries of our allies. We will push back against Iran’s attempts to do so,” said the foreign minister. “We want to make it very clear that there is no space in the community of nations for a country that condones terrorism, that supports terrorism and that engages in terrorism.”

Source: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia