Saudi Arabia will host a leading exhibition on information technology and cybercrime in March 2017.

Saudi Arabia to Host Global Technology Exhibition

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is slated to host the Global Internet Forum and Exhibition in mid-March 2017, gathering scores of experts in the information technology and Internet innovation. The event, which will take place in the seaside city of Jeddah, will be the first-ever exhibition of its kind in the Middle East. According to Khalid Naqro, supervisor of the exhibition, the forum reflects the Kingdom’s high demand for technology services and international investment in digital infrastructure. With Internet penetration rising to 3.2 billion users worldwide, Saudi Arabia plays a leading role in encouraging digital literacy among its citizens. By the

a day in riyadh

A Day in Riyadh: Shattering Stereotypes About Saudi Women

A Day in Riyadh –  a four-day showcase at the United Nations that demonstrated the urban, environmental, transportation, social and economic development of the capital of Saudi Arabia -centered women in its message, aiming to shatter the stereotypes often associated with females in the Kingdom. Held in September at the headquarters of the UN in Manhattan, A Day in Riyadh included women at every juncture. Dynamic female members of the Shura Council, spoke to event attendees about how Riyadh is becoming an increasingly feminist city. The mayor of Riyadh — H.E. Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al Sultan — shared his plans for

Mosques in Saudi Arabia will receive funding for their restoration under a new royal initiative.

King Orders Renovation of Historic Mosques in Madinah

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz has implemented an initiative to restore historical mosques in Madinah under a broad campaign to preserve the Kingdom’s religious sites, according to Prince Sultan bin Salman, President of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH). Publicizing these efforts at the “Care of Historical Mosques” workshop organized by the SCTNH, Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance, and the Legacy Charity Foundation in Madinah, Prince Salman pointed to the creation of a fund that will enable the public to donate and contribute to mosque restoration. “The initiative has so

US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Joseph Westphal praised the US-Saudi bilateral relationship, highlighting their strength in the face of global challenges.

U.S. Ambassador Reaffirms Bilateral Relationship

United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Joseph Westphal emphasized in a statement to Arab News that the US-Saudi bilateral relationship represents enduring ties that serve the interests of both countries in achieving shared aims. According to Ambassador Westphal, recent attempts to pass the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) are counter to US objectives in the Middle East. “We have seen the negative reactions to JASTA from many of our partners in the region, and we share those concerns. From the beginning, the administration has expressed reservations about this legislation and the effect it could have on our foreign


Maritime Yard to Create 80,000 Jobs in Saudi Arabia

In a joint venture that will create 80,000 jobs in the Kingdom, HaskoningDHV UK and Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. have been awarded a contract to begin design of the infrastructure for Ras Al Khair maritime yard in the east of Saudi Arabia. The two companies, based in the Netherlands and South Korea, are expected to complete the work in five months. The updating and repair of the maritime yard in eastern Saudi Arabia is part of the Vision 2030 plan that aims to reduce the dependence of the Saudi economy on oil revenues. Saudi Aramco, the state oil company that

Saudi Ministry of Justice

Special Criminal Court Sentences Al Qaeda Sympathizer to 12 Years In Prison

The Special Criminal Court in Riyadh sentenced a citizen to 12 years in jail for his support for the terrorist organization Al Qaeda. The Al Qaeda sympathizer had tried to obtain a passport to leave for Syria to join terrorist organizations there. He used social media networks to view slogans, images and news of terrorist groups. Authorities discovered terrorist material was saved on the convicted sympathizer’s computer and cellular phone. In one of the photos that was discovered by the security personnel, he glorified fights in troubled countries. There was also the screenshot of a tweet shared by Saad Al-Faqih who had deviated

Saudi Arabia donated $115 billion to help 90 countries

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Permanent representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations Faisal bin Hassan Trad said the Kingdom has been the most generous country in the world in the field of development and humanitarian aid over the past four decades.

During a symposium at the Geneva Press Club, Ambassador Trad said Saudi Arabia donated more than $115 billion to more than 90 countries all over the world, reports Arab News. The symposium was managed by the Swiss Foreign Ministry, and was attended by officials from King Salman Humanitarian and Relief Center, the World Heath Organization, UNICEF’s Office of Emergency Programs, and UNHCR’s MENA operations.

The ambassador gave a detailed briefing on the vision, goals and the nature of work of the center, and said the Kingdom is a leader in the application of humanitarian values and principles in relief and support. The Ambassador said the King Salman Humanitarian and Relief Center was established from the good and tolerant values of Islam.

Ambassador Trad said that Saudi Arabia was the only country that responded to the humanitarian assistance appeal launched by the UN to help Yemen by extending a donation of $274 million.

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