Saudi Monster Jam Expands Entertainment Options in the Kingdom

Fans of Vehicular Acrobatics Filled King Fahd Stadium for the first ever Monster Jam in the Kingdom. Photo Credit: Arab News

More than 30,000 people filled the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh for the opening night of Monster Jam – the first ever competition of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

Monster Jam is the world’s largest monster truck tour, where world-class drivers compete in racing and freestyle competitions. These exhibitions include automotive acrobatics, featuring monster trucks, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Several attendees praised the event. Faisal Al-Basher, an engineer who watched the show with his two boys, said, “It is good and it is the first time being held here.” Wessam Al-Sarhi, an engineer, added, “the show is nice and it should be held in the Kingdom every six months or even every year since Saudis like to see something new.”

Monster Jam is the first in Saudi Arabia and part of an aggressive push by the General Authority for Entertainment to bring quality entertainment acts from Western countries and the Gulf to the Kingdom.

Vision 2030: Entertainment for All Saudis

One key pillar of Vision 2030 is creating a vibrant society with fulfilling lives for Saudi citizens. This includes culture and entertainment as an indispensable part of the quality of life. In the Vision 2030 plan, the Kingdom acknowledges that the cultural and entertainment opportunities currently available do not reflect the rising aspirations of our citizens and residents, nor are they in harmony with Saudi Arabia’s prosperous economy.

The Kingdom seeks to offer a variety of cultural venues – such as libraries, arts and museums  – as well as entertainment possibilities to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. These projects will also contribute to our economy and will result in the creation of many job opportunities.

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