Saudi Arabia Sentences Terrorist to 27 Years in Jail

Saudi Arabia’s Specialized Criminal Court sentenced a Saudi national to 27 years in jail after he was found guilty of corruption and involvement in a security breach and attacks on security headquarters and police patrols after joining a terrorist gang.

Saudi man will serve 27 years in prison for terrorist activities.

The charges included storing and sending information to undermine public order on the social networking platform WhatsApp, as well as colluding with other criminals. The accused used WhatsApp to coordinate activities between terrorist groups; in one instance, the coordinated groups started a riot in the Awamiyah village.

The accused was found guilty of participating in riots in the Qatif Governorate as well for several statements made against the leadership of the kingdom and other Gulf States. He was charged with using slogans that promote sectarian division, as well as harboring fugitives in various security cases.

Three of the 27 years he will serve in jail will be in accordance with the Anti-Cybercrime Law, and twelve years are based on his violation of the Explosives and Bomb Disposal Law. Upon completing his sentence, the accused will not be able to leave the Kingdom for an additional 27 years.

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