A Strategic Partnership to Ensure Saudi Arabia’s Sustainable Water Supply

Saudi Arabia is accelerating its sustainable water capabilities, a partnership at a time.

Saudi Arabia’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) announced a collaboration with DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) to improve SWCC’s operations at its desalination facilities.

“We are excited to collaborate with SWCC and have invited strategic partners to support us in helping SWCC achieve its aspirations,” said Johan van der Westhuyzen, regional director for DSS. “Each partner will bring a unique set of best practices to ensure SWCC gets support from the world’s leaders in their respective fields.”

“Every activity taking place at SWCC now is to prepare for the privatisation of the company. We want to create an environment that will allow SWCC to compete internationally so that ultimately, we have a sustainable business that the people of SWCC and Saudi Arabia can benefit from” said SWCC Governor His Excellency Ali Al-Hazmi. “DuPont’s experience in implementing operational improvement initiatives at their own facilities, and in the Kingdom, is an integral part of our improvement process.”

The SWCC supplies 70 percent of the desalinated water in Saudi Arabia. The SWCC-DSS partnership will ensure that a sustainable water supply is maintained in the country, said a SWCC spokesperson.

National Drive For Water Security

Saudi Arabia, like many of its Gulf neighbors, faces a stark reality: parts of the nation could run out of water by 2030. Protecting the resource, therefore, remains a priority for a country—and region—at risk for experiencing severe water scarcity issues. To date, the Kingdom has launched a national program to optimize water and energy consumption. Elsewhere, Saudi Arabia’s prestigious Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water awards, and funds, international scientists for their research into solving the world’s growing water crisis.

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